Royal Life Centers Inpatient Drug Treatment

Royal Life Centers is a nationally certified and recognized addiction treatment program located in multiple states across the U.S. Royal Life Centers Inpatient and Outpatient rehab centers provide a level of care for addicts and alcoholics that is unparalleled anywhere else. Our comprehensive, holistic, and personalized approach ensures that each and every client recieves a treatment program that is personally designed for their indivual success.

Royal Life Centers offers Quality Drug Detox

We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.

How Much It Cost?

The treatment programs at Royal Life Centers are designed to be affordable and effective. Most insurance companies cover a portion of the cost for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, including treatment for drug addiction. You may be responsible for part or all of your treatment. Because your detox and rehab process and quality of life are the highest priority, we provide you with the best possible treatment based on your individual needs, regardless of your ability to pay.

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Royal Life Centers has partnered with e-Financing Solutions to further serve anyone seeking help who might also need financial aid.