Delray Beach Sober Living Town Homes

Experience has shown us that one of the keys to success in a sober living residence is mutual community involvement and a sense of belonging. We want you to be proud of yourself, your housemates, and where you live. Being surrounded with people that are positive, supportive, and working hard to achieve many of the same goals, makes early recovery fun and successful. It is our goal to make all of this possible for you.

Part of ensuring your success is making sure that you are comfortable and have access to all the things that are important to growing in your recovery. You will find that our amenities and halfway house accommodations are among the best of all transitional housing programs in Delray Beach. Our Sober Living Town Houses have many amenities and resources to ensure your comfort and success while you embark on this new recovery journey.

Convenient Location

Our sober living facility is centrally located in Delray Beach close to shopping, transportation, 12 step meetings, employment opportunities and medical facilities and anything you could possibly need. We provide transportation regularly to 12 step meetings, banking, grocery stores, and other life necessities that people require assistance with. Many guests say that our central location to everything they in need Delray Beach made things that much easier.

Build a Sober Future

Royal Life Centers can help change your life's course towards a bright, sober future. Reach out to change your life today!

We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.